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Active ingredients

The main ingredient in Multi-Mam Compresses and Multi-Mam BabyDent is 2QR-complex (pronounced "to cure"). This natural, plant-based ingredient neutralises harmful microbes by preventing their adhesion to tissue. 2QR-complex supports the natural healing process and restores the natural balance of microbial flora. 2QR-complex has no known side effects.

Multi-Mam Balm offers a plant based alternative to lanolin (highly-purified wool fat). It contains plant oils that replace the skin fat which is lost through breastfeeding. It offers optimal protection for the nipples.

What is the 2QR-complex?

One of our main ingredients is the globally-patented 2QR-complex. This complex is a mixture of highly refined plant-derived polysaccharides.

2QR-complex neutralises harmful microbes and prevents infection (mastitis). It has a unique mode of action that blocks harmful microbes from attaching to human tissue. 2QR-complex supports the natural healing processes and restores the natural microbial balance.

To see how 2QR-complex works, watch the video

Other ingredients in our products include soothing and moisturising plant-derived oils.

The products give immediate relief and work by neutralising harmful microbes, creating soothing conditions and supporting natural healing processes. Learn more about how Multi-Mam products work and the effect they have.